Store /recall 01v96vcm User Defined Keys In Studio Manager I

With Studio Manager Editor for Yamaha 01V96VCM active in Cubase 7, is there anybody who knows how to store and recall the User Defined Keys (8 Banks).

is there really nobody using Yamaha 01V96 with its Studio Manager Editor in Cubase?

OK, since I have not received any reply, let me try and rephrase the question with more details:
Yamaha mixers like 01V96VCM, 02R96VCM, DM1000 and 2000… can have a Total Recall via their Studio Manager Editor
enabled in Cubase.
These mixers have a set of User Defined Keys in banks which are also being (totally) recalled by a Cubase project.
I have programmed one of the UDK banks for my needs (remote controlling Cubase: Play, Stop, Rec, Rew, FF etc.)
The problem is that when I open an “older” project, my new UDK setup gets overwritten by the Total Recall and
I’d have to program it agin for that Cubase project.
So, the question is: Anybody using a Yamaha mixer with Studio Manager Editor knows how to avoid it,
i.e. how to Store and, when needed, to Recall the UDF banks for the mixer?
Or, alternatively, how to excluding the UDF banks to be recalled by a Cubase project?