Storing main view positions with Workspaces


I have usually 5 folders on my projects,each one of them having around 32 trakcs. Its a bit time consuming to close&open folder tracks everytime to find the track i wanna work with so i thogught about using workspaces so that the first workspaces bring me to my first folder track fully opened, the second workspace to my second folder track fully opened, etc.

Never worked with workspaces before but i think i cant use them to achieve this cause they only have in consideration the sizes and positions of the different windows in cubase (main, editor, mixer, etc.). However what i want to do is store different positions of the same windows -the main one, where you see the seuqences and the arrangement.

Is there a way to do so?


My way to switch folders states (cause workspace doesn’t save those):

Use the Project Logical Editor to open-close folders and give them Key Commands.

Filter Target
Container type is - equal - FolderTrack
Name - Equal or contains - ‘‘folder name’’

Action Target
Track Operation - Folder - Open, close or toggle

Fonction = Transform

You could macro to combine more than one action.

thanks i figured this out too. Works well enough, but you dont have precise control on the scroll point of the window (the height on the main view)