Storing Preferences - Where's the file?

I change and store my preferences as I go. I want to be able to restore this on other Nuendo - Where can I find the file and how do I upload it?

PC or Mac?

pc and mac :wink:

For PC:


You can also look in the start menu where the program was installed and you’ll find a shortcut which takes you there.

For Mac:

Home directory/library/preferences/Nuendo6/

(You have to hold down the option key from the “GO” menu to get to the library–it’s otherwise hidden)


OK, Im there, but what is the file itself?

If you want to fully duplicate your prefs, copy the whole folder.

I edit “defaults.xml” for recent files, etc. If you have trouble with prefs and need to trash them, this is a good place to start, before chucking them all. Or… remove the folder to a safe location and let Nuendo build a new set… then add old ones as needed (or until you identify what was corrupted).


For a future version of the elicenser may I ask if this could be duplicated on the dongle?
It would be really cool to have all my settings available as soon as my dongle is inserted - on any machine.

What I do in this instance is have all my Nuendo settings (and other settings such as plug-in presets) synced to the cloud. That way you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Can you explain what exactly and how did you do that?


There are many solutions out there for syncing local data → cloud. Choose your favorite and off you go (I personally use If you’re at a remote studio you can retrieve your preferences via a browser or use the app to sync them with a local folder.