Storing text 'expressions'

Finale allows one to create an expression (defining playback parameters for it, too) and store it for future use in the same .mus document. I can save these expressions as a Library (.lib) for use in other projects.

How do I do this with Dorico, or is it even possible to do this yet? Many thanks!

This is not yet possible, though I believe it will be at some point in the future.

lol - one step at a time, then - I’m sure it will be possible in the next year. I still say Yamaha released this thing a year too soon, but it is allowing Steinberg to play quick catch-up.

Whatever Dorico does, it need to be better than the Finale version where you can end up with ten separate dynamic signs or articulations all of which look identical in the score and the Finale menus, but which all do different things on playback - and there’s no record of which Library you imported any particular sign from, of course!

every expression in Finale has a Description field, to be used for such identification purposes…