Straight Ahead: <Sometime With You> Kenny Zarider

This is one of my few straight jazz tunes. I was thinking of Gil Evans horns when I arranged. It was mostly recorded on Cubase and mixed by my friend Denny Jiosa at his place using Digital Performer and a Neve board. Hollie Farris is on Trumpet (you might know Hollie from James Brown and Josh Stone’s Bands) Nashville’s school of the arts music director, Richard Griffin is on Sax the Trombone is me using Vienna Instruments. I also double the Trumpet part with a bass trumpet off Vienna. Nioshi Jackson is on Drums…

I think Soundcloud uses a rash (is that the right word) compression so I hope it doesn’t change sound to much. Does any one have suggestion as to a better free site to post with?

I know this is a little different than the stuff usually posted here but I wanted to share it. Hope you have patience to go to the end it gets interesting lol

Beautiful. I made it to the end…no problem. :slight_smile:
A nice, relaxing composition and arrangement. you did some gorgeous, flowing piano solos as well.
Thanks for sharing it, Kenny.


Sweet! Relaxed and groovin’ at the same time. Nice changes. You have some serious skills on the keys. Love the sax tone. Sounds very professional, not like my crap. :laughing:

Good stuff Kenny. Really good piano playing, well done. Great mix by Denny too :sunglasses:

Thanks, for listening. I really helps having a pro with great gear mixing…takes so much pressure off doing the music for me :slight_smile:

So what are your non-straight (bent?) jazz tunes?

Very nice stuff.

I found myself a bit distracted by the muted trumpet over the first part,
enough to make me ask was it the horn or the piano I was supposed to follow.
I’d rather the trumpet came in later.

Maybe the rides could be lowered over that first section?

Tasty track.


Might be right about cymbals but it is what it is, mastered and released no changes possible anymore. As for the trumpet, I wrote the part as a counter melody to keys, sax plays same part after solo…I’m gonna post something for a you to show my part of the other half of my brain lol
Really like what I’ve heard of yours