Straight to the sun (rock / pop)

Hey guys,

I just mixed and mastered one song for band called Another Train. It’s a rock / pop song with a touch of melancholic vibe. :slight_smile:
Enjoy. :wink:

I really liked the guitar part behind the vocals, the vocal is just too quiet though in the first verse. In the chorus it’s better but it should still be a little bit louder in my opinion. I quite liked the song and also the arrangement, but for me it’d be greatly improved by interesting drums, even subtle changes like hi-hat breaking from a purely straight pattern would give me a lot more interest personally.

Other than that I thought it all sounded good. Good production, aside from the vocals being a little bit quiet.

agree with johnathon…vocal is too quiet.

Great mix, sounds good, but I have to agree that the vocals are getting buried.

Really liked it, like everything else you put up here. Thanks again. I do agree about the vocals, easily improved.

Hey guys,

thank you for your opinions and suggestions. Here is another song I mixed for the same band:

Liked the intro delayed bass part where the delays seem to be variating between right and left speaker. I think this track maybe sounds a bit more balanced than the first one you posted. However, I don’t think the first one is bad at all either.

Maybe I would have expected the second verse/chorus to grow into something a bit more than the first one. Now it seems that there are two identical parts following each other without much development/change taking place between these two parts.

I agree completely, but this is problem of arrangement. I was just mixing this tracks. :slight_smile: