Straight to trash when deleting from the Project Window

I frequently have to dispose of large amounts of audio into the trash and would rather not have to go through the pool window to have to do it every time is there a way of deleting the audio straight off the hard drive from the Project window? Cheers.

No. And you really don’t want to bypass the Pool, as Cubase will get confused (as I’m sure you’re aware…)

But can I ask why you’re in this position? I’m just thinking that if these are bad takes you can send them straight to the Pool’s Trash with Ctrl-Z as soon as you hit stop.

There’s also the ‘Remove unused media’ option on right-click in the Pool.

And you can empty Trash with a double-click, which would also speed things up for you. Bearing in mind that Cubase doesn’t delete to the Recycle Bin, like I wish it would…

Hope this helps, apologies if you already knew it,
C :slight_smile:

I have a macro that helps out in this area. Once I delete or remove audio takes,parts,tracks that I’m 100% sure I don’t need in the project, I use the below macro that removes unused media to the pool’s trash and then removes it completely from the project folder/Hard drive.

Media - Remove Unused Media
Media - Empty Trash

This macro will only work correctly from the project window. If you have the pool window open, it will not fully work and it will only remove unused media to the pool’s trash.

My advice is to start a new project and add/copy some audio files to the project and use the macro for testing so that you can see how it works.

I can’t even remember the last time I opened the Pool window :sunglasses:

Hi all that’s great thanks a lot! it’s about time I got stuck into macros it’s only been 20 years of putting them off:) Im recording jams and then sifting through and discarding, should be helpful cheers.