Strange acoustic sound

Hi All as a newbie I hope someone can help me with this one. Starting with a blank project I create an audio track to record my plugged in acoustic (decent quality and pickup). I monitor with Cubase as I record and it sounds crystal clear. When I play the recording back it sounds like there is modulation on it. Sounds like Spike Milligan. Any ideas. I know acoustics are hard to record but this is something else. I want to post a file so you can hear it but it wont accept MP3 or Wav. Cheers

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase your Audio Device BufferSize, please.

Hi Martin thanks for your advice. I tried lots of settings but its still the same. I have noticed though that, even with nothing plugged into my pc, the levels on input and output in cubase mixer is quivering about a third of the way up. Looking at the movement it seems to look about the same as the warbling sound I described. I am going to invest in a quality external sound adapter before I go any further. Its not the best laptop in the world!