Strange appearance of key signatures

I’ve attached the first 15 bars of Dvorak’s Largo, because I can’t get rid of the key signatures at bar 11, that are already showing up on page 1. Also I can’t delete the meter signpost in bar 11. It wasn’t like this when I started the project, but I don’t know what I might have done that caused it. I can also not hide these extra key signatures. Any ideas how to fix this?
Dvorak - Largo bar 1-15.dorico (1.2 MB)


To delete the meter signpost, select the barline at the end of the previous system (at the end of page 1) and hit Delete. To delete the key signature, select them either at the start of page 2 or the cautionaries at the end of page 1, and hit Delete.

Thanks! :blush:
I tried to delete the signpost by selecting the post itself.

Yes, a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and sometimes it works, but in this particular case it won’t.

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