Strange Asio Performance

Hey there,
I’ve been away from cubase doing other things and coming back to it I notice some strange ASIO performance issues.

Several simple plugs seem to draw a much larger amount of the available ASIO resources than they should.

For some reason each of the following adds about 20% to the ASIO meter;

  • Embracer
    Any MDA plugs
    Any digitalfishphones plugs

Kontakt5 completely smashes my system and maxes out all ASIO resources. These are just the ones I’ve tested I’m sure there will be more.

On the other hand HALion, Mystic, Prologue and Spector consume virtually no resources.

I can even load a large violin patch in EWQL Play’s Symphonic orchestra, but a simple oscillator plug chews through the resources?

It seems like older stuff takes more resources no matter how simple the plugin. Is this a 32 bit plug Vs 64 bit operating system and DAW environment?

WTF do I do here? Even some of Steinbergs own VSTi’s are causing trouble (Embracer, Monologue).

Many thanks for any help


Sorry, forgot my system config;

Win 7 64bit with Intel 17 920@2.67GHz
12GB Ram
Cubase 6 64bit
RME Fireface 400
Samples come from a raid array of 7200 RPM disks

Okay, Looks like it’s a 32bit issue. JBridge seems to fix most of the issues. Some plugs still don’t show with their interfaces (have to switch to generic) and I still don’t know what to do with Steinbergs own VSTi’s that hog the resources.

Run a check on your harddisk. Maybe repairing bad sectors will do the trick.