Strange audio file image issue/problem

Hello Cubase forum.

I have a problem with Cubase 6 on mac 64bit. OSX 10.6.8. and I am wondering can anyone help me understand what the problem is.

I am trying to record some audio(guitars) into a project. The levels are okay -6db for the external mixer I am using is about correct. It records okay in that it never clips there are no red lights or clipping messages shown but for some reason when I record after the recording, the image file in cubase 6 looks very strange.

It is almost like someone has used the volume handles of the audio image and raised them really high, though the sound and volume is okay no clipping no distortion. It is just the image looks wrong black as the audio wave fills the whole image. If I lower the volume of the image file using the volume handle the image looks okay but the sound is very low. What and why is this happening?

If I start a new project and record using the same settings it records normal and this issue is not present or does not seem to be present.

Could someone help me understand why this would happen and what would I need to seek to fix it.

I think the only solution with my knowledge would be to copy and paste all the midi tracks into a new project but I also have many vst instruments so this would be very long to do. I am at the recording phase so before I venture off on this project I need to get these basics sorted.

Thank you

Kind regards

RTFM " waveform zoom slider".


Thank you for the advice so this must be a common question, it does state that in the manual if the slider is not all the way down one may mistake the wave form for clipped audio. Which was confusing me, I must of at some point moved the slider and not realized I did so. Not knowing what that slider did further confused the matter.

I proceeded as you suggested I downloaded the manual, at page 56 working with projects zoom and view options, wave zoom slider.

The wave Zoom slider is separate from the project zoom slider, it is in the upper right of the screen easy to miss. my bad, did not see this.

I have not used cubase for audio in over half a year so I have forgotten many things regarding audio. I have been trying to learn many different programs not related to music in anyway, these I would say are more complicated then what I need cubase to do for my music. I hope you can understand this.

I am sorry for posting this question perhaps if one wishes delete the thread as it seems this will be of no help to anyone.

But thanks for the kind greeting hu-man shall not forget

You never know… Someone might just run into the same thing. Bottom line always: trust your ears when working with audio, trust your eyes when working visually. :sunglasses: