Strange audio from UR22-mkII

Hi all,
I’m having some issues regarding audio output from my UR22.
I don’t have any monitors so I’m using headphones on mine and the mix is sounding really weird. There’s no panning, vocals always come out way quieter than other tracks and in one case I have brushes on a snare but when I listen to it through the interface it comes out really stuttery and kinda glitchy.
I’m using the most recent driver (2.0.3)
Any help would be appreciated!

use forum search

Hi st10ss,

I’ve just used the search and I haven’t found anything that might help me.
Could you maybe direct me somewhere that has more information?

Thanks in advance

if I search for UR22 only in topic titles I find over 1000 matches

Hi st10ss,

Like i said, I’ve used the search and found matches, but I haven’t found anything that helps me. Other people’s problems are different to the one I’ve listed.

If you’ve found something useful please let me know.