Strange Audio Performance Meters

Is anyone also having strange Audio Performance Meter issues?

If you look at the 2 attached images you can see that sometimes the real-time peak is like 30 percent and sometimes it’s virtually at 0. Earlier today I was looking at the exact same file and I was actually getting 100% spikes with audio dropouts. It seemed to trace back to a Kontakt Instrument track, and when I deleted it the real time spike dropped even though there was no Inserts or Sends on that track.

Sometimes the meters would be sitting at 20 percent with nothing playing and then if I just disable an empty track it would go back to Zero. Is this just a graphical glitch or is something really weird going on because sometimes the real time spike is affecting audio badly and other times on the exact same file it’s fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you disabled the Multicore option in Kontakt Preferences, as that solved the issue for me. It was what Native Instrument support suggested.

Another thing to consider? If you select an instrument track and it’s set to record or monitored enabled it will cause the real time peak to register this as extra load. So if you have the track selected and you toggle this you can see the load decrease. It depends on the plugin used, some add a lot of extra load and some hardly any.

Thanks for the replies.

@ Silhouette - I’ve switched off Multicore in Kontakt and I’ll monitor that to see how it affects things.

@Nickeldome - You are definitely on to something with the monitor enabled. That makes the meter jump a lot! I’ll remember to switch that off as well.

What’s strange was that earlier on today I was getting major spikes in Average load as well, which was maybe a cause of the Real Time spikes as well. I’ll try both of your solutions to see if that sorts things out.

Thanks again.