Strange Automation behavior when manipulating

Howdy folks,

First time poster, long time Cubase user here (since Cubase 4). I’ve been using 7.5 for some time but have been interested in upgrading, so I downloaded the trial version of Cubase 10 pro. The automation behaves very strangely to me. Let’s say I have a pair of automation points selected.

On Cubase 7.5 I could hold CTRL, grab one of them, and adjust them together as a pair, up or down, just by grabbing and moving the mouse. In Cubase 10, when I do this, it deletes the automation points on either side.

I’m sure it’s something simple, but I couldn’t find an answer. I looked and looked for some suggestion on this, and tried a number of things in the automation panel, but it does this no matter what. This would be a huge problem for me as I’m a big proponent of automation, and will often automate individual notes, drum hits, etc. How do I disable this? Your help would be grealy appreciated.

Here’s a pic- selecting a pair of points that I wish to increase/decrease together:

Here’s the deleted points after I try to adjust them: