Strange .bak behavior

I started a project in Cubase 8, then was tired of the mixer and thought I’d see if I worked quicker with Cubase 6.07. So, I opened it there, did some work and then decided to go back to Cubase 8.

Cubase’s compatibility chart says I should be able to go back and forth between 6 and 8. However, I am getting constant crashes and lose everything I’ve done. Look at the .bak message:

That. bak was created in my Cubase 8 file folder after the most recent crash. So, I don’t understand why Cubase 8 is not loading it, let alone why I am getting tons of crashes.

Customer support is telling me that the problem is that 6 shouldn’t have opened the 8 .cpr file, but that’s not what the compatibility chart says. If in fact there’s a compatibility issue between 6 and 8, this should be stated by Steinberg immediately imo.

If anybody could clear this up, I’d appreciate it. I want to work on this song this weekend.



Hey Frabk, I’ve never been able to actually open a .bak file.

So what I do is right-click & rename the file to .cpr file, and they always open then.

The question that remains is what version will it open in.

There may be a way to select what version to open it in, but I don’t know how to do that.

Right-click on the .cpr file and select “Open With” and you should see a list of your Cubase versions.

Thank You.

After so many crashes, I re-did the entire song in Pro 8. I’ll never go from Pro 8 to 6 again. I’ve been told repeatedly by support not to open 8 Pro projects n 6. Do it at your own risk.