Strange bar beaviour DP 3.5

Hi everybody,
it’s not he first time that the following happens:
after entering some bars DP changes a bar like bar 7::

What can I do to prevent this?


(p.s. referring to my former topic: If I want to use ASIO FLEX, do I have to delete ASIO FOR All before?

Can you post the project or provide detailed steps for other users on how to exactly reproduce this behaviour?

Peter, if you display signposts via the View menu, I think you’ll find that bar 7 has inadvertently had its meter changed).

Probably you have inadvertently deleted a barline.

And regarding your other question @Piano_Vink , no, you do not need to uninstall any other driver before installing FlexASIO. Under Edit > Device Setup all detected drivers appear in the dropdownlist and there you tell Dorico which one to use.