Strange barline behavior

Hello in one of my projects I have a strange barline behavior .
I thought showing or hiding baronies is done clicking on two events in different systems and than clicking the engrave mode carline symbol on the left.

Normally it works fine, but in this project it works differently .

F.e. the first three instruments are

First all three were connected by a barline two hide the barline between s and t I have to click on the violin and tenor system. It doesn’t work with clicking on s & t system…and so …
any ideas where this is coming from?


You can insert a barline between two staves by selecting something on each of the two staves and then clicking the barline button in the left panel.

As far as I can tell from the documentation (this page and the surrounding ones:Inputting custom barline joins) this same method cannot be used to delete a barline join.

You can also grab the square handle at the top or bottom edge of a barline and use Alt-Up/Down to vertically extend or contract the barline.

Really …until now I always worked with it like that…and as I wrote… just now it works strangely, but thanx for your answer .
best regards

Doing manual bracket/barline changes is similar to overriding master pages - what you’re essentially doing is locking a configuration of brackets and barline joins in place, and Dorico will follow your instructions from that point until either the next manual change or the end of the flow.

In most cases, I would recommend only using manual bracket/barline changes when strictly necessary, i.e. if using the correct instrument type (e.g. vocal staves aren’t joined by barlines automatically), using player groups in Setup mode, and changing the per-layout settings for brackets/braces combined haven’t produced the result you want.

I would recommend seeing what happens if you delete all bracket/barline change signposts in the flow (they’re the brown signposts). Using as many of Dorico’s default settings as possible can take a little more effort up-front but will save you so much time and effort in the long-run, and should produce more consistent results too.

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