strange behavior Dorico 2.2.10

I have an ensemble piece in which 3 bars and only 3 bars do not show the whole bar rest. If I add a note to the 2nd and 3rd of those bars and then delete the notes, the whole bar rests show in those 2 bars. If I add a note to the 1st of the bars then all 3 go missing again. Any ideas?

Click on the note just before the tacet—does it show “ends voice” in the bottom panel? Or does the note after the rests show “starts voice”?

No. I checked that. Neither is on.

Turn on View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors and tell us what you can see. Is the music either side of these “empty” bars in the same voice?

Attach the project and we’ll get it fixed in a jiffy.

Thanks for the quick responses. “Ends Voice” was on in the bar before the craziness. Fixed now.