Strange behavior: Folder parts disappear (with video)

Not sure if this is a software bug, user-error, or something else…

I’ve discovered that resizing Folder Parts using the right-handle (and not the left) causes the Folder Part to disappear. When I say disappear, I mean that the entire folder part section - including all its tracks and events - go away onscreen.

The following screen capture demonstrates the phenomenon:

Fyi, I’m using Cubase 6.0.2. Steps to repeat this:

  1. Split several folder track sections.
  2. Left click and drag the RIGHT resize handle on a folder part.
  3. Let go of the mouse button.
  4. Folder part disappears from the screen.

Fyi in this project, I have several folders of tracks (VOX, GUITARS, etc - there is also one called DRUMS which has Group Edit turned on). These various folders are themselves nested in one top-level folder called SONG. I discovered this error while I was splitting/resizing Folder Parts in the top-level SONG folder track (in order to shorten various sections of a large multi-track session).

Can someone please try repeating this error? Also, was this error fixed in the 6.0.3 update (which I’m not using due to the metronome click error)? I’ll try this out again in 6.0.4 once a final/stable version of that release comes out.



Cannot reproduce. Cubase 6.0.4



Thanks Chris.

I went ahead and tried to reproduce this myself. Created a new session file, set-up the same sort of nested folders, even used the same template file from the problem session, and recorded a few takes (1 minute long) across all tracks.

Problem did not reproduce. I can resize the Folder Parts with the right-handle all day long.

However, when I re-enter the original file, the problem persists. One other detail about the problem project: it’s a 4+ hour long recording. Not sure if that would affect anything.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out. Perhaps the original project is somehow corrupted. I will report back if I ever see this problem again in other projects.