Strange behavior if a project - incomplete copying and

Hello I duo have a problem with a project.
There’s a strange behavior - I needed a transposed Instrument so I created a new Player (Tr Bb ) but there is only a tacit showing as if there is no player adjusted. I can’t copy anything into this player.

Than I created a new project and tried to copy the whole sheet of the first project into the new one, but there was an incomplete copying , without chord symbols.

What might be the reason for this?

Thanx for help

Tacet shows that the new player is not attributed to the flow. In Setup mode, select the flow (bottom panel), and tick the player to make it available in that flow.

Hard to say what’s going on without seeing the document. Could be that the Player is not assigned to any Flows.

However, you can create multiple Layouts with different transpositions for the same Player.

See this page for whether Chords are shown or not:

Dorico will only copy chord symbols if they’re selected (actively selected, ie highlighted orange) before you Copy. You can use the system track to select everything in the system, included system-attached objects like chord symbols.

Hello and thanx … I used the system track and strangely , when I try to insert new chord symbols, the old ones appears in the Chord popover, but they are not shown in the layout? Hm, why? :slight_smile:

and in the menu below the chords are not adjusted to “hidden”…there is nothing done

Show signposts to see signposts of chord symbols that exist but don’t appear in the current layout.

Ben’s second link above tells you how to control which staves chord symbols appear above. By default, they appear above the staves of rhythm section instruments. Here’s the equivalent in the German manual.

You can also change which layouts chord symbols are shown in – see here.

And additionally, you can show chord symbols above multiple staves or only once at the top of each system – see here.

(PS it’s in English, but there’s an embedded video about how chord symbols work on this page that might help give you an overview of the feature.)

solved…thank you there was another button to let them be shown… whoever :wink:

But how could this be changed by copying things with the system track?

I mentioned the system track because you said chord symbols weren’t included when you copied music to another project. Using the system track to select makes sure system-attached items like chord symbols are included in the selection, and can then be copied.

To be clear: the system track plays no role in determining where or whether chord symbols appear. It is a selection tool that can make selecting chord symbols easier.

Yes I understood, my question was more about, that in source document the chord symbols where shown and by the copying process they disappeared… however , now it works , thank you

Probably the reason is that the System Track copies the musical information but not the settings of the Players.

I would suspect that only Write information is copied. Setting info is not. It would be interesting to test whether Engrave and Play settings are copied or not.