Strange behavior in cross-staff piano voices


when moving the right hand voice into the lower piano staff they are not properly written as two voices (stems up / stems down).

  1. bar = staring point
  2. bar = dorico default notation
  3. bar = after forcing stems of purple voice down
  4. bar = after forcing triplets down (desired notation)

Is there a way to achieve the desired notation automatically?
The default notation does not make sense in my opinion…

You’ve inadvertently tricked Dorico - both voices are Upstem Voice 1. If you make the lower piano staff notes Downstem Voice 1 Dorico will fix the rest of the problem automatically.


thank you! I just pressed “M” to move the notes to the lower staff, normally this should work, I think.
But I noticed: If I also select the rest in the upper staff and then press “M”, everything looks as expected. Very interesting…