Strange behavior in Cubase 7!


Before I buy Cubase I wanted to try the free trial of Cubase Elements 7, which is available from Steinberg’s website. This version is now installed on my mid. 2011 iMac with OSX Mavericks and I have to say that I’m really disappointed cause there are so many bugs, some which make it strongly unusable. The following bugs are identified:

When I open a default project and add an instrument tracks, I do not see the track lane while drawing with the pencil tool. It appears first when the whole area is drawn and the same thing happens when I drag the lane to another position. The second bug is even more frustrating and it has to do with the opening of different windows. For example, if I want to open the piano roll window by double clicking on the track lane, it does not appear. This window appears first when I do something else, like adding a new instrument track. The third bug which I have noticed so far is that the notes disappear when I drag them to a different note in the piano roll and it comes back when I release it. There is another issue similar to that when drawing a track lane, the note does not show up when drawing with the pencil tool. It pops up when I’m done.

I think these issues are of major importance and my view is that the program is unusable since these features are essential for the workflow. How can these bugs appear in a product which has been out for such a long time, without being corrected? Or is it Mavericks that creates these problems? I want to know as soon as possible since the free trial will be outdated soon and I would be glad to try the program before this date comes. I will not work in the program as long as these problems occur and if no explanation can be given, I will rather go for the Logic Pro X.

Another thing I have noticed is that there is something wrong with the grids. When I change the quantize preset in the key editor, nothing happens. In previous Cubase versions, the grids followed the quantize setting. There is also a problem with the synchronization between the beats and the grids. It seems like beat 1 is 1/8th off time. This means that the clicking sound during recording as well as quantizing do not match the graphics in the key editor. This is really disturbing and there must be something wrong in version 7.0.6 of Cubase. What can I do and is there no one else which has faced these issues? What’s wrong???