Strange behavior moving objects

When I edit text objects in Engrave mode, using Alt+ arrow keys, I experience some strange and annoying jumps. I have made a short recording showing the problem. What is not seen, is that earlier when adding the text objects, also the spacing between staffs was destroyed - and I could not repair without using manual staff spacing. Am I doing it wrong?
Link to the video: Strange behaivior moving text objects - YouTube

There is a known bug with system-attached text items at the moment, which we have fixed internally, so it will not trouble you from the next update.

Hi Daniel,
at the moment I’m working on files with many text objects (lot’s of them to add breath marks as a single straight line) and there are a lot of (at least for me) unpredictable jumps of text elements: normal text, system text, dynamics, and volta brackets when the different elemts are close together. The publication will have 150 pages and I want to join alle the files into one single file. It’s a bit scary, when I go back to an earlier page and find out, that something has randomy changed.
I keep my fingers crossed for the next update. If you need more examples for jumping elements. I could send you some files.