Strange behavior of arpeggio with slash voice

Possible bug: when I change a voice to a slash voice some arpeggio lines are drawn horizontally. When I change back to normal voice all arpeggios point downwards again.


Ah yes, Dorico’s infamous “sex education” Easter Egg.

(Apologies; I don’t have anything helpful to add.)

Funny answer! But nothing more? Is this a known bug?

I think we should probably suppress arpeggios when you switch to a slash voice. I’ll talk to the team about whether this is possible.

Please consider making it optional, rather than suppressing it completely. It’s quite common in big band and other commercial music, specially for guitar parts, but occasionally also for piano.


Presumably, however, it’s not particularly helpful for the arpeggio line to end up drawn as a single wiggle?

As long as they are adjustable in Engrave mode, I don’t think that’s a big enough problem to complete drop them (although it’s not the perfect, automatic result we’ve learned to expect and appreciate from such features in Dorico).

I haven’t been able to reproduce the horizontal lines from OP, so I can’t tell whether it’s possible to fix them in Engrave mode, but if not, maybe you’re right that they should be omitted.

Here’s a video that shows how to reproduce this behavior:

In engrave mode it’s possible to change the “Bottom Y Offset” to force the arpeggio-line to point downwards. I wonder though why only some of them are drawn horizontally at all.


Anything new to report considering using slash notation with arpeggio lines? Came up today, that’s why I’m asking!


There’s an option on the Arpeggio Signs page of Engraving Options to allow you to specify whether or not they should appear on slash voices. If you choose to show them, you should expect to adjust their length in Engrave mode.

Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile:


Saved by the forum again. Thank you!