Strange behavior of ossia copying

I want to copy one measure with an ossia staff to another measure, but it doesn´t work. Although I have selected all notes , which are in the measure and the ossia , the notes of the ossia were not copied. The ossia staff is empty. Instead Dorico filled the whole score with an ossia staff, after copying the one measure. What´s going on here?

If you didn’t also copy the signpost at the end of the first ossia (that should show something like -1 staff) that will be why.

Select an item on the ossia staff where you want to end the ossia (like the bar rest in the next bar) and choose Edit > Staff > Remove Staff

Thanks for your help. Indeed now the ossia is copied correctly , but still without content. Even though I have select the ossia with the notes.

I think this fits in here. I cannot copy notes from one ossia to another. I select some bars in ossia 1 and press CMD-C. Then I enter note input mode in ossia 2 and press CMD-V. All the notes go to the stave below ossia 2.

Can you attach an example that demonstrates this problem? What you should find is that copying and pasting between ossias works as it does for any other single-staff selection copied and pasted onto an instrument with multiple staves. Provided you have material from just one staff selected, and provided you have just a single note or rest selected in the staff onto which you want the music to be pasted, it should be pasted to the appropriate staff.

Just tried to reproduce my problem with a simple project, but everything works fine! That’s nice. Mystery!

The original project was a big one with many players, so I can’t remember the details anymore.