Strange Behavior of Piano in NotePerformer

I encountered a strange issue in a project file with NotePerformer piano.
The tied long notes of left hand piano do not sustain as if they are held down on the keyboard. They sound like much shorter. And this issue only happens on the notes before bar 14. Startng from bar 15 things seem right. I tried to re-apply NotePerformer playback template but the problem persists. But when I change to other playback template or assign the piano part to use Pianoteq, everything works normally. Not sure if the issue came from NotePerformer or anything with Dorico itself. Just want to share my experience and provide feedback to Arne and Dorico team. Thanks!

And here is the project file:
Reverse All.dorico (1.1 MB)

I’m unable to reproduce the problem you describe, Roger. When I play back the project, although the sustained piano chords are very soft, they do sound the expected length. It’s possible I’m not running the absolute latest version of NotePerformer 4 here, but it seems to work OK for me, and I can’t see anything untoward with the notes themselves.

Thank you Daniel for testing it out. I am using the latest Dorico and NotePerformer on Windows PC. I’ll contact Arne and feedback this to see if there is anything suspicious.