Strange behavior of the Mixer view after using the Solo button

Hi team,

while I was using channels in the Mixer view, I came across a strange behavior of the Solo button.

Consider the small example vlprj project:

SoloOnOffTest.vlprj (14.0 KB)

When opening the project it presents a Mixer view which is identical for the 3 parts present in the single Song:

For example, placing yourself on Part 1, click on the Solo button of the TRK1 channel thus obtaining:

Parts 2 and Part 3 will consistently show up in practically the same state as Part 1.

At this point, however, returning to Part 1, click again on the Solo button of the TRK 1 channel to disable the solo status of the channel and then move to the other parts; you will notice that the channels in Part 2 and Part 3 will appear in the unexpected state:

Hoping for feedback, thanks in advance.

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Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo,

Thank you for detailed description and your example project. That’s so helpful. It’s fixed now and ready for the next update.

See you,


Hi @Spork ,

unfortunately, simply using the small example project that I have already shared within this topic and the new version 1.4.51 of VL, I find that, for a Group channel, just a couple of repeated on/off steps of the Solo button are enough having the mute/solo states of the channels involuntarily changed again in the other parts.

I hope it is possible to fix this bug soon as it is quite annoying during band rehearsals. :frowning:

For channels such as Song, Song Group and Global Stack, a single on/off switch of the Solo is enough to encounter the bug.

I look forward to your feedback, thank you. :blush:

… thank you very much for your patience and your continuous feedback, @Giuseppe_Loffredo. I see the problem now. The last bug-fix will be removed, it’s simply wrong.
But I found the original problem. It’s a combination of the “Global Shared Audio Control” Preference and the Mute/Solo controls of the shared Layers in different parts.

It’s fixed now and will be added to the next Pre-Release.

Please re-try again with the next Pre-Release and let us know if it’s working,

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Hi @Spork,

I understand that the problem has its complexity, especially in being tested, but unfortunately it seems that the fix does not completely resolve the issue.

Apparently, there is still an anomalous behavior affecting the Mixer channels relating to the Stacks of a Part.

Consider the new version of the project:

SoloOnOffTest.vlprj (19.2 KB)

When opening the project, all Part of the Song appear:

At this point let’s enable the Solo state of a Mixer channel, for example the Song 1 channel in the Part 1, and notice that all the channels of all the parts correctly appear as:

Returning to Part 1 and deactivating the Solo state button, we obtain for Part 2-3-4-5 that the Mixer channel relating to the Stack in the part, i.e. the P-Stack channel, remains erroneously in the Mute state:

I would add that, in testing the fix released for version 1.4.52, I think I discovered another bug linked this time to the use of the Mute button, a bug for which I created the topic:

[1.4.52] Mute state that propagates through Group channels - VST Live - Steinberg Forums

I’m waiting for your further feedback, thanks.

… yes, the mute one is a side-effect, we’ll fix it,

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… thank you for your detailed description. That is helping so much. It’s fixed now. Ready with the next update,

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Hi @Spork,

unfortunately, after some tests I verified that the original problem of this topic does not seem to be solved at all.

After using the Solo button on TRK 1 channel a few times and returning to the unsolo state, I once again, apparently randomly, found the P-Stack 1 channel of Part 4 in the Mute state without any direct action on my part.

Unfortunately this problem is not a small one, since in saving the project I risk finding channels in the Mute state against my will.

Here is the project used for the test again:

SoloOnOffTest.vlprj (19.2 KB)


. Open project and select MIXER
. “Part 1” is selected
. Select SOLO of the TRK1 channel
. Select “Part 2”, “Part 3”, “Part 4” and “Part 5”
. Select “Part 1” again
. Click SOLO of TRK1 Channel again
. Select “Part 4”

The “P-Stack 1” channel it not muted.

Any tips what I can do to run into problem?

The bad news (and believe me, I know something about it) is that the behavior I point out to you is not deterministic at all, but random, even if frequent. :frowning:

First of all, it is not necessarily P-Stack 1 on Part 4 that goes muted, but this channel (I think because it is linked to the parts)in any of the parts except the one where you used the Solo button on the Group channel (Track 1 in my test description).

However, if you insist on alternating the state of the Solo button on a Group channel (even without moving from the current part) sooner or later you will find the P-Stack 1 channel randomly muted on another part.

I would also like to point out that I observe this behavior both on my two final projects and on the project, obviously, that I passed to you which was created new.

Unfortunately, as I told you before, I know well that these are the worst bugs. :roll_eyes:

Hi @Spork,

did you read my last post?

Did you have the opportunity to insist again on trying to reproduce the issue or did you decide to abandon me to my sad fate? :disappointed_relieved:

Jokes aside, I hope you can soon reproduce the issue and fix it because, as I wrote to you, I’m always afraid of saving the project with which Part channel involuntarily in the Mute state.

Ah, I just tried the little project I gave you again with version 1.4.56 of VL and I can confirm that the issue is still present.

As always, thank you for the support and all the work you are doing! :blush:

Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo,

let me try to get it reproduce today. I’ll keep you in the loop.


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… I’ve tried it so often, but I cannot get it reproduced. Do you think it is possible, @Giuseppe_Loffredo , that you create a screen recording about it? Maybe I see a point which helps me to get it reproduced?


Hi @Spork,

below is the video of one of the possible cases that can occur randomly:

In this specific case, at the first use of the Solo button first ON then OFF, the P-Stack 1 channel correctly returned to the Unmute state in all parts.

Trying a second time, however, Part 5 presents the P-Stack 1 channel inexplicably in the Mute state.

I look forward to your feedback, thank you.

Hi @spork,

have you had the opportunity to evaluate the video I uploaded in my previous reply?

Do you have any news on the issue?