strange behavior of the record enabling button

Hi all,
In a project with six instrument tracks, Score opened, I begin to edit a staff. Record enabling button for that track is red. After editing a bit I hit the space bar to hear the changes. When I hit again to stop another track is record enabled …?!?
I’ve tried every thing in Cubase \ Preferences, I have activated, deactivated all the options, the button of one track lights up every time on stop.
It’s the same behavior without the Score opened.

There is another thing that is bothering though less important: if there is a system with many staves in the Score and you want to look at, say, the first staff then it’s very difficult even impossible as the Score when playing goes to the last staff.
With six instrument tracks/staves it’s ok, with more it’s impossible to read the first one.

Any help would be much appreciated for these two points.