Strange behavior...

Suddenly when I start a new project or open an xml-file all layouts in the setup consists of all parts. As if all players doubles on all instruments. This behavior started today and I don’t know what I did to get it started. (see attached pic) Any idea?

A couple of other questions too:
• I can’t find the old fashioned transpose feature, isn’t that implemented yet?
• How to note an open key with no key sign? (even in transposed parts)
• Do you have any plans for making it possible to lock a specific number of bars on one page/row?
• I really miss the option to make a selection to end of bar (Like Sibelius’ Shift-Cmd-Arrow). Or at least click the start and shift-click end of the selection. Now I don’t know how to perform longer selections, like 50 bars or so. Working with the mouse/trackpad this much is an ergonomic nightmare.

I’m not sure how you’ve done it, Mats, but I think in clicking the ‘Save as default for parts’ button in the Layout Options dialog you’ve managed to get Dorico into a funny state. Could you find and send me the file layoutOptions_parts.xml from ~/Library/Application Support/Dorico? Once you’ve zipped it up and attached it here, delete it, and you’ll find that new projects you create after that will behave as you expect with regard to which flows they acquire. I’ll have to try and figure out how you managed to get the options into that state.

There’s no Transpose dialog yet. This will be added as soon as we can.

Even though you can create a horn or trumpet supposedly with no key signature, this is unfortunately not completely implemented yet.

You can lock systems and frames in Engrave mode.

We will add further commands to edit the selection as soon as we can.

First I must say that you and the rest of the team are doing a magnificent job! I’ve seen there are some people expressing their disappointment over that version 1.0 isn’t killing Sibelius/Finale form start. I’m absolutely certain that Dorico will be the one and only professional notation program in the future. And I’m glad that you’re making sure everything is right implemented from start with the consequence that a lot of features are still missing. No worries! In due time it’ll mature and have those features I need to make the final switch from Sibelius. I don’t feel particularly stressed since I’ve been on Sibelius since version 2, so I think I can handle a couple more months. Good luck and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I guess the strange behavior may have to do with what you wrote. It started after I had a session trying to recreate the layout from my Sibelius templates.

When it comes to the part layout I was looking for a setting to lock the format for a whole part. I.e. keeping 4 bars/system (or whatever the musical period is like), which is very handy when editing rhythm section parts.

About the other questions I’m not worried, I’m sure you guys already have solutions for that.

Best wishes
/ Mats (3.23 KB)

Thanks for the zip file. The good news is that after a second report of this problem yesterday afternoon I figured out what was going wrong, and we will definitely have a fix for this in the first post-release update.

Any idea how to get D out of this funny state? :slight_smile:

Just trash the layoutOptions_*.xml files in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico.

Ah, thanks Daniel! :slight_smile: