Strange behaviour in the audio editor

I recently updated to Cubase 12 and was warping the audio of a project until I stumbled upon this strange behaviour using AudioWarp. The audio editor zoom function seems to be bugged and changing the position of the audio based on zoom level. Note the difference in the position of the locators in the audio editor and the main window:

Also note the differences between the location of the audio in the audio editor in the above screenshot and the one below. The only thing I changed was the the zoom level of the audio editor.

Is this a bug or is this something I’m doing wrong? I found a workaround for now by using clip-based zoom in the audio editor.


Did you just Zoom Out one step in the Sample Editor? I can hardly see any change. Why the focus is in the project area, if you zoomed in the Sample Editor?

Did you miss this?


I think this has been reported before as a graphical bug, but I can’t find that thread now.

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That’s good to know. I wrote that I had a workaround, but unfortunately I’m not able to use audiowarp in this project at all anymore. When I click, nothing happens anymore (just like in Cubase 12 Pro freewarp audiowarp markers - #3 by lewau), but as this might not be related to the graphical bug I’ve added a comment in that thread instead.

I did some more digging and found a way to reproduce and a way to ‘fix’ this issue:

To reproduce:

  1. Make sure you have more than one workspace.
  2. Select an audio clip and make sure Free Warp is working (so you know you actually broke it after the next step).
  3. Change workspace.
  4. Free warp should no longer be working.

To Fix

  1. When in the audio clip editor, select the ‘Time Warp’ tool
  2. Move the audio around a bit and do Ctrl+Z to undo the moving.
  3. Now switch back to Free Warp. It should be working again.

Not ideal, but at least I’m able to continue working on my projects without having to go back to Cubase 11.5.

Side note: I opened the Cubase 12 project in Cubase 11.5 and Free Warp was working. When I saved as a new project file in Cubase 11.5 and opened this in Cubase 12, Free Warp was again not working anymore. I’m not sure if this has any impact as it seems to be a UI issue.

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