Strange behaviour of 'lengthen note by x'


There seems to be an issue with lengthening chords (with the ‘lengthen note by x’ shortcut). Specifically chords which have notes that have different onset times.
The first system in the attached image is the initial state, then each consecutive system corresponds to a ‘lengthen by whole note’ command being activated. Obviously it’s not doing what it’s supposed to here…

I don’t think this is unexpected, though I agree it’s not desirable. Same issue happens when you select one of these notes and try to increase its duration using Alt-Shift-right arrow.

In that case, you have to untie first.

It’s true that editing the duration of notes in chords where the start positions do not match can lead to some interesting results. We have a couple of these issues on our backlog to fix in future.

Thanks Daniel, good to know the team is on it :slight_smile: