Strange behaviour when editing text


Have you ever experienced this kind of behaviour? :

If I click on some text to edit it, when I’m done, I click anywhere outside the textbox. It then select automatically the item outside and start to move it randomly wether it’s a dynamic mark, a playing technique or another text item. It happens really often when the project I’m working on is a bit laggy (because it is a big one).

I know I could click on the escape button but it should work normally the other way, isn’t it?


Yes, unfortunately this is a known issue with creating text, caused by trying to select the text item after creating it. For boring technical reasons it has to create the text, draw it, and then select it in such a way that it’s possible for a click to get swallowed, with the result that Dorico thinks the mouse button is held down and that you’re dragging the text around. It’s annoying and we hope to improve it in future, but it’ll require a fair bit of work to achieve.