Strange Behaviour

Cubase crashed and told me to save and restart, so I did, then things changed for the worse.
Basically things were way different appearance wise compared to how they were before the crash.
Note colours in the key editor are super bright even with ‘Note brightness’ on lowest setting
Note name is visible.
Events look different in project view, really thick dark lines. :confused: (see pic.)
Any help would be appreciated.


I would recommend to use Cubase Safe Start Mode.

I did a Safe Start and it still looks the same.
In the key editor, if more than one track/Instrument is present, the instruments that are not being edited are meant to be greyed out.
But as you can see from the picture they are still coloured. The only thing indicating the instrument currently being edited is the white note name as opposed to the black note name. Quite hard to work with.
If I put Note Brightness on lowest setting it stays the same except in project view the events look different (thick black lines).


Sorry I don’t understand the screenshot. Is it some montage?

Are you sure you were in the Safe Start Mode? Did Cubase ask you to register?

Yes it is a montage. Here are the same pictures separated.
I registered when prompted, and resumed in Safe Start Mode and things are exactly the same.
So as you can see in the key editor things are irregular. The instruments that are NOT being edited SHOULD be greyed out, not still coloured.
As I said, quite hard to work with. Only the white note name indicates which notes are played by the currently selected instrument.
Lowering note brightness only affects the appearance of the event in project view and has no effect on note brightness. Which is stuck on brightest.
Should I uninstall and then reinstall Cubase Pro?. Does this usually fix issues like this and what should I bare in mind before doing so?.


What graphics card do you use? When did you update the driver last time? Do you have the latest driver installed?

I have an Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB graphics card, latest drivers, Windows latest drivers.
Re: the uninstall and reinstall. Can it fix issues like this?.


In theory, it might happen that Cubase reinstallation would fix it.

Is there anything I should be careful of when uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase, or is it a straightforward operation?.
How does one do the cleanest possible install?.


If you are on Windows, use the uninstaller. If you are on Mac, follow this article, please.