Strange bug: Cubase deletes MIDI recording after stop.

I have not updated to 9.5.40, so this is applicable to 9.5.30.

I hit space bar to stop recording and boom - the recording disappears. I’ve tried all the midi record modes.

Very strange bug.

Do you use Retrospective recording with a large buffer and starting at timeline start?
I had some strange things years ago, and Cubase tried to put data before time zero, since buffer captured some.

Just an idea…reduce buffer to minimum. I think default is really large like 10 000 midi events or something.

Other things can be loop recording with locators at same position.
Unless doing loop recording, I usually set mode to start recording at project cursor position.

are you recording between locators?

Are you sure, you are really recording any data?

thanks for the suggestions but the problem still persists :frowning:

tried both, between locators and just freely. Hitting space bar to stop the recording just wipes the recording out.

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yes, can see the event move with the notes as I record. then when I hit space bar it all disappears.

Another wild idea - is it possible to associate space bar to something else as key command - doing some macro or something?
Does hit Space bar again start transport?

As I recall, not sitting on daw right now, Enter key or just click stop with mouse in transport.

EDIT: I tested, you can assign Space bar to anything else.

maybe punch in/out is activated by mistake ?

I had a similar problem but using a controller that used key strokes. Somehow it was using backspace although I couldn’t see this in the config. I went into key commands and removed back space from delete and that sorted it. I wonder if you keyboard is triggering back space or delete keys. Maybe try another keyboard.

Good idea, I think - try virtual keyboard in Cubase and record a bit.

thanks everyone. For now the issue has subsided - like is sometimes the case with weird Cubase behavior. The problem just goes away without leaving a trace for what was causing it to begin with. If it comes back I will try these things.

Hi, I have the same issue and I don’t know how to resolve it in Cubase 10. When recording the midi I see the graphic notes recording but when I hit space bar from bar 1 to bar 9 everyrhing are deleted.

What did you do to fix it?

Any help please?

Solved the issue ; the record position mode was set on “Start recording at left locator” when i changed to " start recording at cursor" pressing stop wouldn"t erase the midi clip just recorded

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I’ve had this same issue when i tried to record midi. The thing was that in the track inspector i have a selected wrong midi input. Thus cubase was recording nothing and deleted the event after stop. After selecting proper midi input, the problem disappeared :slight_smile:

hello, I just had the same problem.
I couldn’t work out what the problem was.
then i realised I had uninstalled e-licenser software as
i had a problem where old licences for expired demo’s
still pop up.
I forgot to reinstall it, so when i booted up cubase
it worked but didn’t record

so i think that this is what Steinberg have written into the code
so as to confuse software pirates!

when i reinstalled the elicenser, it could see i have a legitimate
license and cubase records again

I’m getting exactly the same problem here - on Nuendo 12… Infuriating. Deleting MIDI on space bar stop. I’ve tried restarting the program only - problem still occurs. Maybe a reboot might help?

I can confirm, ENGAGED cycle mode remnants elsewhere in a long track were the culprit!

Soon as disabled, plain sailing, no deletion of recording on space stop.

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What do you mean by remnants?

Hey Zooterman,

I just meant elsewhere (previously) in the track (out of immediate vision on timeline), I had ‘left’ some cycle locators enabled.