Strange bug in window title [edited]


I noticed that in my working window it displays „2. Satz Adagio in Mozart Violakonzert KV 622“

if I ctrl-click on it, it shows the real file name „Mozart Violakonzert KV 622“

Why is that?

I am on macOS 10.11.6

[edit]: there is another strange thing with this file, too. There is a page in the Viola Solo part, where I can not get a frame locked in Engrave Mode. It is exactely, where the first flow (movement) ends and the second flow begins. It seems one can not apply a locked frame, if two flows are involved…
Mozart Violakonzert KV 622.png

The window title shows you the current flow name as well as the project name, so it’s “flow name in project name”. In your project, presumably your current flow is called 2. Satz Adagio and the project is called Mozart Violakonzert KV 622. This is, as should hopefully now be evident, not a bug.

I don’t know what you mean by “cannot get a frame locked” – can you describe in more detail what you’re trying to achieve, and what is happening when you try?

Thank you Daniel,

this makes sense: the last time I clicked onto something in that part in Write Mode it must have been in the 2nd flow. It is probably a bit confusing, because the last flow stays visible in the window title, even after deselecting and even if one ist looking at another flow.

Not being able to „Lock Frame“ involves page 8, where I have the overflow from the first flow to the second. They don’t want to stay on the same page when I try to Lock Frame.

When I select the first and the last note on this page and apply „Lock Frame“, the second flow (Adagio movement) will stay on page 8…

…but the rest of flow 1 will jump back to page 7 and make it look very crowded:

Thanks for reporting this – it looks like a bug to me. I believe the problem is that Dorico is incorrectly creating a frame break at the start of the new frame, which pushes it onto the next page: it shouldn’t do this if the option to allow flows to start on the same page as an existing flow is set. What I’m unable to reproduce is the fact that you end up with additional bars that were on the previous page squeezed onto the same page. Could you please attach your project here, or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de so I can check that behaviour out?