Strange bug: lines don’t carry through to parts


a very strange bug I just discovered:
I have some vertical Lines (little brackets) in my score which don’t carry through to the parts:

Strange: they do appear in all other instruments as expected - except in the Violoncello part.

Follow up:
As a test I deleted the bracket in the score and put it directly into the Violoncello part at bar 28.
Now the bracket does not show up in the score, even after refreshing the view by changing modes.
Ok, so I input the bracket into the score independently, too.
Now everything looks fine, except:
a few bars later (a similar mistake) I see a double bracket in the score (from which I can delete one and everything seems fine now)…
This is definitely spooky.
Btw., I had of course checked the property panel: no strange property (f.e. scaling) had been set by mistake. Also I had quit and reopened Dorico - without it making a difference …

It looks like you’re using galley view. I believe there may be a bug that causes lines at certain rhythmic positions not to appear in galley view, though I also thought that we had fixed that in 3.1.10. Probably the best thing to do is to attach the project, together with details of where you can see the problem, and we’ll be able to take a look. As I have said probably several hundred times on this forum, we cannot diagnose problems efficiently from pictures: we need actual Dorico project files in order to investigate and resolve the issue.

Thank you Daniel,
I only noticed it, when checking the PDFs before sending them to a customer (the brackets were missing in the Cello part .pdf file). Then had a look at the .dorico project again (see above)…
In the mean time I have fixed it / the outcome is ok, but I had to walk a strange path.
I will try to reproduce this and post a stripped down version here.

Is it possible that propagating the brackets initially was missed somehow, or that closing and reopening the file/program would have caused the original brackets to appear as intended?

Derrek, as far as I know, brackets (lines) don’t need to be propagated - unless one sets a property (like scaling).

I went into TimeMachine to look for that corrupt .dorico file. For some strange reason my backups stopped exactly at the date, before which I would have to look for the file. Now I remember that my macOS-System told me a few days ago, it had to start a new TimeMachine Backup. I just clicked yes, yes and allowed TimeMachine to start my backups from scratch, overwriting everything before that. Mmh, not very clever of myself, I guess I must have been involved in some interesting Dorico work :slight_smile:
This makes me now think, wether actually that file I was working on corrupted my Backup
Mac mini.sparsebundle. I guess it must have been bad coincidence…
Anyway, my project has been completed, so I don’t worry about this at the moment.