Strange buzz


I use Cubase7.5. Today I was working on a song that been working on for quite some time. Out of nowhere this strange buzz began to happen. It lasts for a second and seems to happen every 30 seconds or so. When it occurs the main stereo out and my vocal group track show some action on the meters. But I cannot peg where this is coming from. It even happens when I’m not playing the song or recording. I use compression and magneto on some of the vocal tracks and even some delay but nothing else crazy. I even removed all the effects and still have the buzz.
I thought it might be outside interference when I go to a different song it does not happen at all.

Anyone have any idea why this might occur?

As usual any help is appreciated

Hi, of course this could have tons of sources.

Here’s some of the things I personally experienced:

Is there any digital source connected to your System that has a different/not synchronized clock? (SPDIF or ADAT Inputs or something alike)?

Is your Systems Audio running and with a different sample rate than your Project?

Have a Close look at all sample rates and digtial clock sources.

Have you checked whether the buzz is printed to one of your tracks? (the source Problem might be removed already, but the buzz is recorded)

Good luck!


Lol… I wish it was that strange buzz

I will check the sample rates but for months this has not happened so I’m not sure how it would just start. I’m not even sure where to change sample rates.
I have no other digital sources attached and this buzz happens when I’m on the project window but not even playing the song which is why I doubt it is something already recorded.
It almost seems like an effect or something is constantly making this buzz - it’s on almost a timing.
I guess I will go through each vocal track and Mute each one and see what the problem is -just really strange
Thanks for the responses. Any other suggestions are certainly welcome

Is this only happening on the group track? or are you seeing any activity on the individual vocal tracks routed to the group track?

For testing purposes i would try removing plugin’s from the group and individual tracks and see if this still occurs. this will rule out plugin’s being related. I do agree clocking can also be a potential issue, you would typically be experiencing this in more than just the one project though.

Just a thought, do you have a plug-in open that’s telling you that it is in demo mode?

I think you are correct MrHehon… I went back through all the tracks and I am using a plug in called Crowd Chamber. It was free but I have not registered it yet. When I shut that plugin off the buzz is gone
Thanks for all the responses


great that it is solved! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ernst

I was gonna suggest an A/C buzz or even an electric drill.
I’ve actually had some buzzing in the speakers from a drill or some type of saw and could hear it cut in & out when the drill/saw stopped & started.