Strange Channel Settings window resize behavior

Unchecked “always on top” setting, then resized the window. All the screen elements became 'stretched, then disappeared off the top of the window. Could not reproduce, but posting to see if any other window resizing anomalies have been spotted.

I’ve had a number of one-off quirky things happen related to resizing windows. The weirdest one was when I resized a channel settings window and the contents suddenly zoomed out to several times their normal size such that all I could see was the lower left corner of inserts and a bit of the EQ pane. :unamused:

I’ve had similar problems as well, and they are very annoying.

One is the same one ‘jgaryt’ mentioned first.

Second one is where when resizing MixConsole:

  • Making wider -> buttons go smaller (to a certain point)
  • Making narrower -> buttons go smaller (to a certain point)
  • …But sometimes when making the window wider, the buttons also go to their largest size.
  • …And sometimes when starting an old project, the MixConsole sliders/buttons are a lot wider than what I can manually adjust. So basically similar problem as the first one mentioned before.

These are somewhat minor bugs but they tend to get to your nerves when your really focused and suddenly windows/buttons go to weird sizes and it’s nearly impossible to get them back to the size they were. Restarting Cubase sometimes helps though.