strange chord track behavior


Something strange has happened with my chord track.
Putting in ( for example) C maj bar 1, Fmaj bar 4. the Cmaj keeps sounding till the Fmaj comes in.
Looking at the virtual keyboard in Halion , i see that the keys are pressed and no release all the way to the next chord,and then the next chord has the keys pressed until infinty.

Tried another vst same result.
Tried deleting chordtrack and starting over, same result.
Closed project , opened it again ,started over ,same result.
I use chordtracks quite often and this has never happened before.

Any ideas what to do??

It seems you stumbled on a genuine bug? Please report it here:

How exactly did it behave before this?

Saved project under another name, restarted cubase-----------everything back to normal :smiley: :smiley: