Strange clef problem


background: i brought a piece for flute, clarinet (Bb), viola and piano into Dorico from Finale. after adjusting it in Dorico, i decided to make a new file in Dorico staring with the aforementioned instrumentation and then pasting in the notes from the the adjusted files (there were four of them i wanted to put into the full Dorico file with four ‘flows’).

all seemed to go well - even though i was pasting from a 25% view score into the new score.

what was weird was that when i looked at the result the viola part was now in the G-clef while the right-hand piano part was in the C-clef.

easy to fix but… strange. unclear why Dorico decided to editorialize in this way - it wasn’t as if the notation demanded it.

Is it possible that at any point you selected the initial clef in the viola part in the imported MusicXML file? Unlike in a Dorico project you start from scratch in Dorico, there are explicit clef objects at the starts of the staves when you import a MusicXML file, which you can then copy and paste if you’re not careful.

the xml files i had been copying from were extensively edited in Dorico - essentially they were Dorico files. the Viola part was in C-clef and the right-hand piano part was in G-clef (throughout all four files that were pasted into the target flows of the new Dorico file). unless, what you’re really saying is that despite what i ‘saw’ in the xml files, the viola part wasn’t really in the C-clef and the right-hand piano part wasn’t really in the G-clef…???

No, I’m not saying that, merely that there was most likely an unnecessary, duplicate clef at the start of each instrument, and that unlike the default clef that you get when you simply add an instrument to a player in Dorico, such a clef imported from a MusicXML file can be copied, if you’re not careful.

thanks for the clarification, daniel.

something is clearly odd, however. see the associated screen shots.

the freshly created flow that accommodates the instrumentation into which i’m pasting from the xml import shows ‘pianoforte’ as the piano part. the xml imports (from which i’m copying) show ‘piano’. if i select everything (from the instrument names onward to include the clefs and notes) and paste into the new file, then the odd clef changes, as described above, show up. if i select only the notes and paste those, then the clefs do not change. however, note that the clefs in the xml import are correct - the G-clef does not show up in the viola part and the C-clef does not show up in the right-hand piano part. despite that, if i explicitly change to those clefs (i.e. i reiterate in the xml import that the viola plays the C-clef and the right-hand piano part plays the G-clef) and then paste the complete selection (names, clefs, notes) into the new file, the change in clef still occurs.

like i said, it’s an easy fix. but i don’t understand why it’s doing this.

It looks to me like the clefs are being offset incorrectly on paste. The good news is that I can’t make this go wrong for me in the current development build, so I think this problem will no longer trouble you from 1.0.10 onwards.