Strange Click at head of 1st montage track

Hello folks! Bud Bremner here from Vancouver. I have been experiencing this small but annoying click that appears at the head of any audio montage I create. There is a pic attached here. It seems to appear after I render new files from my montage and also happens when I create a DDP master. This first cut ALWAYS has this click in it and its driving me nuts. Any thoughts? Thanks folks.


This click shape looks like a problem encountered with certain settings in the MasterRig plugin. Are you using this plugin? If yes, try changing some settings.

Yes Phillipe I do use the Master Rig on this project but just a single effect, the Saturator.

Maybe it’s you, but a similar case was recently reported to Steinberg and this case is in the issue database, for later evaluation.

Are there any 3rd party plugins also involved on any clips or elsewhere? I’ve seen a number of 3rd party plugins that can, or still do cause this.

Only the masterRig with certain settings.

I I generally use the Waves Abbey Road Mastering Chain on each song, and maybe one or two items from the Master Rig on the buss.