Strange code at SL8 and Problems when activating the code


No, you have no USB-eLicenser plugged in. Otherwise, there would be USB-eLicenser picture on the left side.

We talked about it yesterday but you didn’t say anything. USB drive is not visible. But he’s connected. Or can I see it when it has licenses? Now, as I understand it, I have only one way out - to make a reactivation. But I still cannot understand why the licenses flew from the key? All I did was reinstall the center and do maintenance. The licenses have disappeared … how can this be? Or is it possible to restore licenses without reactivation?

Is the light on your USB dongle active? Otherwise there might be a connection or power problem.


Ok, now I understand… So your license was sitting on the USB-eLicenser, right?

Now you don’t see the USB-eLicenser at all therefore you don’t see Cubase license, neither SL license.

In this case the reactivation doesn’t work.

So you have to solve the

Indicator is on

Yes. I need to solve this problem. The question is how? :)))


Sorry, my message wasn’t send completely.

Is the LED on, or does it blink? Could you try to plug the USB-eLicenser to other USB port? Could you try to plug it in directly to the computer? Could you try to plug it in to a USB hub (active, with power, in the best case). Make sure, you plug it in to USB2 port, please.

Could you try to plug it in to other computer, can you see the USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application on the other computer?

Is it possible the USB-eLicenser becomes broken?

I don’t think it broke. The LED, I remember, it just burned, now it blinks smoothly, shimmers. When connected to usb 3, it does not light up. If it goes directly to the computer, it goes out after a few seconds. When connected to a laptop, it displays the following message (Cubase It is also installed there):


Please, don’t share screenshots with the numbers visible. Could you blur them, please?

As we can see, the USB-eLicenser is not damaged and it’s working.

I would trigger Maintenance from the working machine’s eLCC application. The licenses should sync from the server to your USB-eLicenser.

Then you can investigate, why you don’t see it on the other system. Maybe Antivirus or Firewall is blocking the communication…?

What do I need to do? Connect your USB key, start the center, start synchronization - service? And the licenses will not disappear in the same unknown way as on the main machine? :slight_smile:

Find out how? Just by connecting your key to the car and running the center?


Plug USB-eLicenser to your computer (laptop, where you can see the USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application). Start eLCC application and click to Maintenance.

The licenses are stored on the USB-eLicenser, not on the machine.

Trying to disable antivirus or firewall or any other application, which could block the communication.

Hi, Martin.
I figured out the problem. Did the maintenance on the laptop and reinstall the eLC on the main machine. USB key became visible. Thank you for your patience and advice. Martin you are cool !! :))