Strange Condensing problem

I have a little condensing problem in the attached project file.

Initially the clarinet staff in the second system of page 70 didn’t show at all!!!

I added a condensing change at bar 336 and now it displays Cl. I only, instead of the condensed staff with Cl. I and II.

In the Manual Staff Visibility dialog I don’t see the Clarinets in B flat condensed staff.

Any idea?
Thank you very much.
Stefano.dorico (2.2 MB)

You have a Bb key signature in Cl. II but not in Cl. I.
Either remove the key signature from Cl. II or duplicate it to Cl. I and everything will work correctly.

Thank you so much.
But condensing musicians holding multiple instruments is still a headache. Very time consuming, believe me.
Fortunately, Dorico technical support is absolutely fantastic!!!
All the best