Strange contents in HALion/Sonic (after Cubase 10 update?)

This weekend I’ve updated my Cubase Artist 9.5 to 10 and I’ve noticed some strange things regarding the contents in HALion/HALion Sonic.

  1. When starting HALion or HALion Sonic a error dialog appears that I have no valid license for “Vintage Verb”. That’s true, as far as I know “Vintage Verb” is a new addition in Cubase Pro. Is HALion a bit irritated because it ships with REVerence, but Artist doesn’t?
  2. When opening the presets popup for an insert in HALion/HALion Sonic the presets are listed twice. One time with “Factory” in parentheses after the preset name, and one time with “HALion Factory” (see attached screenshot). Is there any difference between the two?
  3. In HALion/HALion Sonic/HALion Sonic SE I have access to presets from a library called “HALion Sonic SE Pro”. But they don’t show up in the MediaBay in Cubase which I primarily use to search for sounds. The library name indicates that this is Cubase Pro content. Or do those presets come with the full version of HALion/HALion Sonic? Why aren’t they listed in the MediaBay then? Sounds from the library “HALion Sonic SE Artist” can be found in the MediaBay.

I’ve already posted about the first one here (along with an issue regarding the Voxengo CurveEQ in Cubase):

The other issues came up the last few days and putting them together it seems to be more an issue with HALion and not Cubase itself (except for the Voxengo plugin).

Has anyone seen similar issues?