Strange crash WL 11

Hi PG!

I just encountered a strange issue when WL crashed in the background while I was working in another program.

  • I had a project open in WL with multiple AM’s opened I had been working on.

  • I opened Mediamonkey, which I use for keeping track of my whole file library (including files currently used by WL) and managing metadata etc.

  • While working in Mediamonkey WL crashed and I got an error message refering to memory issue; "Instruction xxxx… Memory Could Not Be Written.”.

  • One thing that one to suspect is that I tried to work on a file/or files locked by WL, is that a possible cause of the crash?

Dump file is too big to attach (52 MB), can I send it to you in some other way?


Use wetranfer

Here is link to dump file:


Thanks, unfortunately, this file is unusable. Maybe corrupted, I don’t know.

Ok, I’ll see if I can recreate the situation again.