Strange Cubase display

I was using version 12.0.63 of Cubase 12 Pro on Windows 11, and for no apparent reason the Cubase display has gone quite strange and pixelated.

On opening Cubase and a cpr file, the display is fine. But as soon as any action is undertaken, such as clicking on a track or on the transport panel, it reverts to the highly pixelated display (attached) which is really difficult to use.

Here are my conclusions and actions so far:

  1. There are no display problems on any other program (incl. Dorico Elements 4.3) or web browsing etc.
  2. I am using an HP Spectre with external monitor, but the problem reported also occurs if I just use the HP laptop display without external monitor.
  3. This occurs using any of my .cpr files, it is not isolated to a particular project. It also occurs using the downloadable demo file by Austin Hull.
  4. If Cubase is opened - but without loading a cpr - the display is OK including when clicking on the transport panel. Loading a cpr is when the problems start.
  5. I deleted my preferences file, uninstalled the previous version and updated to 12.0.70 but problem continues
  6. Checked all my monitor display settings (which had not been changed anyway)
  7. Ran a full virus scan on my PC using Bitdefender
  8. Have all the latest Windows updates installed

Any advice would be appreciated.



This is not Cubase issue at all. Please, try to follow this thread.

Thank you, Martin, for your speedy and helpful advice!

I was able to reset the Graphics settings (System / Display / Graphics) for the Cubase application to ‘Power Saving’ which uses the installed Intel GPU on my laptop. All solved.