Strange DAW behaviour

Wonder if anyone can explain the following scenario. For a time my TYAN 2895/Opteron 275 DAW doesn’t start immediately when I press the “On” switch. However, after a delay for 2 - 10 minutes it fires up by itself. This has been going on for some time now, and while the DAW still randomly starts at once, 95% of the time the delay is there. Apart from this the computer works perfectly, in fact better than ever with W7 64-bit and N5. Still, I will sometime this year switch to a new i7 configuration for performance reasons and acess to more PCI-e slots.


That’s interesting, the easiest explanation would be a bad wire in the powerbutton but that doesn’t seem very likely.
Seeing as everything else works fine I’m a bit hesitant putting the blame on the PSU or motherboard though. With a fault on any of the other components the PC should at least start up (fans spinning) but as even that doesn’t happen I’m not sure what to think.