Strange Delay on VSti Tracks

I’m getting a weird behaviour on my VSTi Tracks.

When I send a midi note from my controller (press a key on my keyboard) that sounds as usual. However it then repeats from the VSTi in mono 3 or 4 times much like a mono delay would sound. There are no FX on the channel, no inserts, nothing. It’s a clean channel.
The mixer channel for the VSTi indicates signal when the delay sounds are played but if I go into the instrument there is no indication that additional midi signals are being received.
I have put a midi monitor on an insert on the track but that only sees the initial keyboard note on/off.
This happens on all my vsti instrument tracks, regardless of plug in.
I have disabled all my midi remotes and changed midi input devices but that makes no difference.

Is this only on one track in one project or globally in all projects?

I have no immediate idea, but what I would do for further analysis:
Create a new completely empty project and one instrument track with say Halion SE. Disconnect all MIDI devices apart from your keyboard.
If the delay is still there, create a MIDI part and draw in some notes with the mouse. If the delay is still there, I am out of ideas :neutral_face:

I’ve worked it out - for some reason my tempo track had got set to 1 bpm and the time signature was 1/4… very very slow……

So any synth that had a tempo sync was trying to achieve that!

Haha, were you trying to do John Cages “Organ2/ASLSP”? :smile:
Still funny that this should create delays of sorts, but good to hear that you sorted it out.

Arpeggiator ?