Strange disappearance of keyboard shortcuts

Dear fellow Doricians,

I open this thread (I searched the forum and did not find any thread, but I think I’ve already read about that some time ago) because I just had this problem : 1 is a key that I set to input > (accent articulation). This means that, since the first weeks I’ve been using Dorico (almost three years ago), I got rid of the 1/128th note duration shortcut because… I don’t need it.
All of a sudden, pressing 1 would create such note duration to my selection instead of adding an accent. I had to go into preferences>Keyboard shortcuts and get rid of the shortcut for 1/128th note duration (the 1 had reappeared indeed). I simply wonder why that shortcut has reappeared all of a sudden, on its own, without me doing anything. And if does happen to any other Dorician…

Provided the original shortcut for 1/128th note was marked as “deleted” in the JSON file then I can’t think of any reason why this would have happened. If you had this same arrangement of key commands in Dorico 2, perhaps you still have your customised key commands file from that version in your /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 folder, in which case you could zip that up and I could take a look at it. I assume you’ve already fixed your Dorico 3 one by re-editing it.

Yes I have edited it. But I sent a copy of it to Philip Rothman last week, so here it is (unedited)

I don’t think any deleted key appears there, although thinking about it, it would really make sense!

The funny thing is that the behavior has changed unexpectedly, and once it has changed, it was consistent, until I edited the keycommands.

The top line of this screenshot should have a “DELETE:1” command set, and it doesn’t. Compare with the other rhythmic values.

Yes, you’re right!!! Strange that I missed a step… Now I should send Philip the edited file!