Strange distortion with my mixes

Normally I listen through my audio interface and I don’t hear any distortion at all, but when I listened through my laptop both speakers and with headphones there is a TON of distortion.

At first I thought it might be “inter-sample peaks” which I had read about but even if I export with like -8dB it’s still there. Strangely the distortion does seem to be correlated with average peaking/volume (sometimes at least). like it will be more distorted at loud parts.

Anyone know the cause or how I can troubleshoot? Really have no clue.

When you use the laptop audio card, do you switch the ASIO driver? A good, generic ASIO driver to use for the built in sound card is ASIO4ALL, free on the internet. Just Google it.
I am away from home and using my laptop with headphones. ASIO4ALL works pretty well.

ugh maybe it’s just the laptop that distorts I’m going to check with other devices

are there certain things you can do that are more likely to distort?

it’s definitely the laptop’s problem but professionals tracks just don’t hiss the way some of mine are.

How hard are you squashing the 2-buss, and what with?
What does the 2-buss look like?
Also, are there any of those nasty brickwall limiters in there?
How is your gain structure?

There are many places distortion can come from, but the most likely causes are either incorrect gain structure or excessive compression or limiting.

the worst offenders I’m not squashing it at all… one of them doesn’t even have any recorded stuff all sample libraries as placeholders and it’s still bad…

will post audio later

Okay, next step.
What application are we talking about here please?
Also, can you post your system specs?